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Dick Nolan dies

Dick Nolan was a great San Francisco 49er coach. He single-handedly turned around what was a dog of a franchise. He was always classy. I admired him and I beleive that his success in the early 70’s made it possible for the great Bill Walsh to follow him.


From AP:

Dick Nolan, the former coach of the San Francisco 49ers and the father of current 49ers coach Mike Nolan, died Sunday, the 49ers said. He was 75.

Dick Nolan, a former NFL defensive back who also coached the New Orleans Saints, had been in declining health with Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer for several years. He spent the last few months at an assisted-care facility in the Dallas area, near his longtime home with his wife, Ann.

Mike Nolan missed practice with the 49ers on Friday and Saturday, traveling back to Texas to be with his father. Team spokesman Aaron Salkin said Nolan would coach the 49ers on Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks.  (more…)

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Moby Dick

I have a new audio copy of Moby Dick. It’s 18 CD’s and has a playing time of 21 hours.

Mapquest says it would take just under 21 hours to drive from my home in Houston to City Hall in Detroit. Maybe I’ll do that. Let me see what the wife says about the idea.

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Vice President Dick Cheney's revelation

Last week, besides shooting Mr. Whittington in the face, there were two other major news stories which surrounded Vice President Cheney. First, was the revelation that Scooter Libby testified under oath that a superior instructed him to release classified information. If one looks at the government structure. There are only a few people who are superior to Mr. Libby. The vice president, the president, Andy Card, the Chief of Staff, Condoleezza Rice who was the president’s national security adviser and possibly Donald Rumsfeld. That’s about it.

During the Britt Hume interview, Vice President Cheney was asked about releasing classified information. Vice president Cheney stated that he had the authority (thru the President) to classify or declassify anything that he saw fit to declassify. Only the president had the authority to change his decision. This was an amazing revelation. So, any document that was classified by the CIA, the FBI or the State Department could be declassified by Vice President Cheney unilaterally without consultation with anyone else.

So how is this in the best interest of the United States?

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