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Thursday Afternoon News Roundup

Thursday Afternoon News Roundup

The monthly unemployment numbers came out last Friday. We are seeing more of the same as Paul Krugman and others predicted. 157,000 jobs were added last month. We need more.

I know that there has been a lot of talk about deficits. In my opinion, there hasn’t been enough talk about job creation and a living wage. That’s what we need. (Just talked about this on the Jeff Messer Show.)

Michelle Obama is going to the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton (killed by gun violence). Read more. Very sad.

I know that a lot of people are worried about the drone strikes. I’m sorry. I’m not. Yes, I agree there should be more oversight. There should be more than one man deciding on whether to kill someone or not. BUT, I’m far more concerned about JOBS!!! It is the lack of good jobs and the lack of a living wage that is going to kill the American way of life. (more…)

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Friday Grab bag

Kind of trying to get a few other things done. The blog isn’t getting my full attention. Sorry.

From Political Animal:

  • A new domestic threat? “A piece of mail addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ignited Friday at a U.S. Postal Service facility in Washington, a day after suspicious letters ‘flared up’ at state government buildings in neighboring Maryland, authorities said…. FBI spokeswoman Lindsay Godwin said initial information indicated the parcel that ignited in northeast Washington about 2:45 p.m. was similar to the two packages opened in Maryland on Thursday.”
  • Bernanke breathes a little easier: “The Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, told senators on Friday that he expected the recovery to be ‘moderately stronger’ this year…. ‘We have seen increased evidence that a self-sustaining recovery in consumer and business spending may be taking hold,’ Mr. Bernanke told the Senate Budget Committee.”
  • The apology: “In a letter to be distributed Friday night, Reps. Pete Sessions and Mike Fitzpatrick apologize to all 433 of their House colleagues for voting after missing out on taking their official oath of office during Wednesday’s opening ceremonies of the 112th Congress.”
  • Popular or not, the Recovery Act kept 4.5 million Americans out of poverty.
  • Jay Newton-Small notices that the new House Republican majority is off to “a rocky start.” That’s certainly true.
  • On a related note, the Democratic National Committee seems to enjoy going on the offensive, hammering the new GOP majority for abandoning its own spending-cut promise.
  • Anti-immigrant Republicans have come up with a new idea, being explored at the state level: two-tiered birth certificates, guaranteeing literal second-class citizens based on the immigration status of one’s parents.
  • Undermining the very idea behind a counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan.
  • Dick Morris still doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
  • We reported over the summer that community colleges needed to do a better job with the speed at which students can complete programs, and explained the benefits of accelerating existing programs with some federal labor funds. The Obama administration appears to agree with us.
  • Rush Limbaugh, still racist.
  • By now, just about everyone in America has seen or heard about Ted Williams, the homeless man with the extraordinary radio voice. A Columbus Dispatch videographer posted the extraordinary clip to YouTube, watched it get 12 million hits, and created one of the greatest social media stories ever. And then the Columbus Dispatch decided to yank it from YouTube. I really wish more outlets understood the Internet better. (Ed. note: Although Political Animal is right this is a great story. I’m not really all that interested in one guy getting a job. I’m gong to get all warm and fuzzy when the unemployment rate is under 5%. I’m going to get all misty eyed when millions of eager men and women can and do get jobs in this country.)
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Fox News should formally endorse the Republican party (Updated)

If most of your network’s television personalities have endorsed a candidate can you still be “fair and balanced?” BTW, this isn’t the same as MSNBC. As far as I know none of the MSNBC personalities have actively campaigned for or endorsed any candidate. If you know of someone please send me the link.

Update: It is hard to do links on an iPad.

From Media Matters:

During the 2009-2010 election cycle, more than 30 Fox News personalities have endorsed, raised money, or campaigned for Republican candidates or organizations in more than 600 instances. The Republican support has been given to more than 300 different races or party organizations in at least 47 states. Fox News personalities and hosts have also helped start pro-Republican organizations, which have raised tens of millions of dollars.

The following Fox Newsers have offered support for Republican candidates or organizations during the 2010 election cycle:


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