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Tuesday Evening News Roundup

Tuesday Evening News Roundup With President Obama set to nominate former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon, there’s been a surprising amount of opposition coming from Republican ranks. On Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled that it would be rough sailing for Chuck Hagel in the Senate. Hagel’s former friend, John McCain, looks like he is going to lead the opposition. Remember that Chuck Hagel and John McCain really separated ways over the Iraq war. This is going to be a good knock-down drag-out fight. I’m just not sure what the Republicans hope to gain by opposing Hagel.

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What's Going On — Late Friday Night Roundup (Update)

Paul Krugman had an outstanding column which posted on Thursday.  He discussed the engine that may be driving all of this violent extremism which has resulted in the shooting at the Holocaust Museum and the cold-blooded murder of Dr. George Tiller.  Krugman said, “Conservatives were outraged (at the Department of Homeland security report).  The chairman of the Republican national committee denounced the report as an attempt to ‘segment out conservatives in this country who have a different philosophy or view from this administration’ and label them as terrorists.”  He went on to say, “Today, as in the early days of the

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What's going on – News Roundup

From Steve Benen: * President Obama’s new policy for Afghanistan and Pakistan has been generally well received. * Best wishes to everyone in Fargo, North Dakota, and the surrounding areas, where the Red River has swelled to 40 feet, threatening the dikes fortifying the city. * Consumer spending went up in February? * UPS is dropping its sponsorship of Bill O’Reilly. I’m inclined to reward good behavior. * Sometimes, we get lucky and suicide bombers accidentally blow themselves up without hurting any innocent people. * The DNC is milking the House Republicans’ “budget” for all it’s worth. I can’t say I

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