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Alex Karras dead at age 77

I know that we all have to go sometime. It is just sad to see the great Alex Karras dead at age 77. He wasn’t a great actor. He was good. He was a great football player who unfortunately got caught up in a gambling scheme in 1961. His performance in Blazing Saddles was classic.

From Fifth Down:

Alex Karras is perhaps best known for his one-punch knockout of a horse in “Blazing Saddles” (“Mongo only pawn in game of life”), or as the adoptive father in “Webster”, the ABC sitcom he starred in along side his wife, Susan Clark, or even as one of the voices in the heyday of “Monday Night Football,” in the mid-70s. But before all of that, Karras was No. 71 of the Detroit Lions, one of the N.F.L.’s best defensive tackles of the 1960s. (more…)

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NFL Wildcard Weekend 2012

Cincinnati Bengals versus Houston Texans – The Houston Texans have been snakebitten all year. Losing your quarterback and your premier receiver is difficult to overcome. When you then lose your All-Pro defensive end, you have to feel like the football gods are conspiring against you. Cincinnati is a solid team. Their defense seemed to be a lot stouter earlier this year. In spite of that, you have to like the chemistry that is developing between Andy Dalton and his young receiver AJ Green. I’m leaning toward Cincinnati.

Detroit Lions versus New Orleans Saints – Don’t fall asleep on the New Orleans Saints. Last year was somewhat of a head scratcher and they started a little slowly earlier this season, but the New Orleans Saints are playing great offensive football. Their formula to win is a simple one – high-powered offense and a defense that will give up some big plays but will also create turnovers. Drew Brees is playing as well as any NFL quarterback, including Matthew Stafford. This game should be a shootout and when the dust settles the New Orleans Saints will be moving on – victorious. (BTW, the Saints don’t lose in their dome.)

Atlanta Falcons versus New York Giants – To me, the Atlanta Falcons have been somewhat of a head scratcher all year. I’ve been looking for their defense to improve and to reflect the personality of their tough and defensive-minded head coach. That simply hasn’t happened. The key to this game is the defensive front four of the New York Giants. If they play well, they will shut down the run and make it difficult to throw. If they play poorly, they’ll expose a very vulnerable secondary. Matt Ryan is a good quarterback, but not great. He hasn’t been able to take his game to the next level. I think this game will be close. I’m going to give a slight edge to the Atlanta Falcons because of their strong running game. (For Giant fans, yes, Eli is going to put up some numbers. I think he’ll play well. The question is whether his receivers are going to catch the ball or not.)

Pittsburgh Steelers versus Denver Broncos – Can somebody officially state that the Tebow magic is gone? Okay, I’ll say it. The Tebow magic is gone. The disciplined defensive players of the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to suffocate, harass and otherwise beat up Tim Tebow and the anemic Broncos offense. I would be surprised if this game is close. I look for the Pittsburgh Steelers to roll in this game.

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NFL week 12: Hits and Misses

Jack del Rio has been fired as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. I guess it was his fault that Jacksonville never had a top-tier quarterback. I guess it was also his fault that, after he’d developed an outstanding defense, management allowed several of his best defensive players to get away.

Jim Caldwell, the head coach of the Colts, is in the hot seat. It’s clearly his fault that the Indianapolis Colts built their team around Peyton Manning and now Peyton Manning is recovering from his third neck operation in approximately 18 months. He should’ve known better.

New Orleans Saints: They really didn’t look good earlier this year. I don’t know what they did, but they fixed their offense. Now, if they want to go deep into the playoffs, they’re going to have to fix their defense.

Houston Texans: They lost their starting quarterback last week. They lost their backup quarterback during the second quarter of this week’s game. They trotted out somebody that I had never heard of before. Somehow, in spite of the inconsistency, they found a way to win. They look pretty set for the playoffs.

Oakland Raiders: Somehow, some way, they’re finding ways to win. Carson Palmer is making just enough plays to be effective. They seem to be poised for a serious playoff run.

Green Bay Packers: Clearly the best team in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is playing head and shoulders above every other quarterback in the league, except for possibly Drew Brees. Yet, as the New England Patriots found out a couple years ago, it’s really hard to go undefeated for a complete season. I would rather the Packers lose now than lose in the playoffs (as if they have a choice). Their defense is somewhat suspect. Their defense has the luxury of knowing that Aaron Rodgers will put up approximately 30 points every game. As long as Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, I think we’re looking at a Green Bay dynasty.



Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford isn’t getting it done. Ndamukong Suh? What was that? Getting thrown out of an important game like this. Completely unacceptable.

Buffalo Bills: Just a couple weeks ago, I was singing the praises of the Buffalo Bills. They were getting turnovers. Ryan Fitzpatrick and that offense were putting the ball in the end zone. Since then, Fred Jackson got hurt. He was really running the ball well. Ryan Fitzpatrick has had some awful luck with many tipped balls getting intercepted. Finally, Stevie Johnson needs to be released. No wide receiver is worth losing a game. I’m sorry, but just doesn’t cut it. With his dropped balls and with his end zone antics, he lost the game for the Buffalo Bills. This was a critical game which would have given the Bills momentum going into last stage of the season. Fire him!

Philadelphia Eagles: There is no team that I can think of in the NFL more talented than the Philadelphia Eagles. There’s also no team in the NFL that is getting the least number of wins out of their talent. I just don’t think the offensive line of the Philadelphia Eagles is all that good. Vince Young played pretty well, but it was a tall order to go into New England and beat the Patriots. The tough, hard-nosed defense that the Philadelphia Eagles had several years ago is gone. I have no idea what’s wrong with their defense now. It could be that wide nine thing that they’re doing. They don’t seem to have the ability to effectively rush the passer. They aren’t defending the pass that well. Finally, a special shout out to DeSean Jackson. You want a new contract, yet twice you seemed to have alligator arms as you were going over the middle. You didn’t put out extra effort to make critical catches which would have, in at least one instance, given the Eagles a touchdown. There’s no need for me to comment on your sideline antics which cost your team over 50 yards of valuable field position and the momentum. Mr. Jackson needs to be fired!!

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