McCain's Straight Talk Express – Derailed

McCain spoke from the floor of the Senate today. He was sort of supporting the war effort. He was sort of pulling away from Bush. He was pleading with the Senate to avoid the pitfalls of Vietnam.

McCain’s campaign has been a sad disaster from the start. He has supported a President with a losing strategy. He changed his position on the religious right. His change is so obvious that it makes everyone uncomfortable. Now, close campaign aids have resigned. The Straight Talk Express has crashed. I don’t see how it can effectively recover.


From WaPo:

On Tuesday, McCain parted ways with his longtime aide and engineered a dramatic shake-up of his presidential campaign team as he sought to reverse a months-long downward spiral that has left him short of cash and struggling for support.

The stunning developments unfolded quickly yesterday morning after (John) Weaver and campaign manager Terry Nelson, a key member of President Bush‘s 2004 reelection team, issued terse statements announcing their departures from the McCain camp. (more…)