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Passports, Obama, and the State Department

As I thought about this last night, it was hard to imagine that this only happened to Barack Obama. Now, we know that it happened to Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama. The State Department’s press conference was less than reassuring. The fact that a trainee could access a Senator’s passport information is somewhat frightening. The fact that safeguards still haven’t been put in place is retarded.

Trainees should have access to fake files or files from American citizens who have volunteered to have trainees learn with their information.

One has to wonder how many of these violations there are per year. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said that there were a “handful” out of 18 million passports processed by the Department last year alone. Poppycock. My guess that there are thousands of breaches of every day Americans while there may be only a handful of high profile breaches which are noticed and dealt with by the Department.

I think that it is clear that the State Department has placed a low priority on passport security. It isn’t that they don’t care. They just will get to passport security when there isn’t a crisis somewhere in the world. To her credit Secretary of State Condi Rice has called all three senators and apologized for allowing inexperienced contract workers to access their files.

TCR has more.

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The Errington Thompson Show 1-12-08

Great show today. Will be posted soon. Guests – Marcy Wheeler of Empty Wheel, Bill Scher of Liberal Oasis and Campaign for America’s Future and Gordon Smith from Scrutiny Hooligans.

Rough cut.

Correction: We incorrectly stated that the Asheville Police Department was involved in the Kuhn case. The Buncombe country sheriff department was involved. We apologize for the error.

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The Errington Thompson Show 12/15/07

House of Representatives voted to ban waterboarding. Isn’t this already a crime? Next week, I think that they will take up a measure that says it is unlawful to shoot someone in the face. State department has a problem fulling vacancies in Iraq and Afghanistan. CIA seems to have erased some tapes. Oops. We have Jim Neal North Carolina US Senate candidate. This is a great conversation. Enjoy.

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