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1908 Denver Democratic Convention

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The 1908 Democratic National Convention was held in Denver, Colorado and nominated William Jennings Bryan of Nebraska for President. Bryan, nominated for a third unsuccessful run, lost to William Howard Taft of Ohio.

The 1908 convention was the first major party convention held in a western state.

The theme of the convention’s platform was “Shall the people rule?”

From the platform:
The conscience of the nation is now aroused to free the government from the grip of those who have made it a business asset of the favor-seeking corporations. It must become again a people’s government and be administered in all its departments according to the Jeffersonian maxim, “Equal rights to all; special privilege to none.”

Shall the people rule? is the overshadowing issue which manifests itself in all the questions now under discussion.

On Election Day 1908, the people decided it would be best if Taft ruled.

Below are detailed results of the 1908 election.

Here is information about the 1908 campaign.

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