Obama speaks to CBN and denounces Religious Right

You can read the whole interview here. It is an e-mail interview so you know that Barack didn’t whip this out in a couple of minutes. He had time to craft his answers.  He does a great job crafting. 


Brody Question: Senator Obama, thank you for entering The Brody File. Many candidates are talking about hope, change, a brighter future, but why do you believe your campaign is resonating across the country?

Senator Obama: You know, I think Americans are hungry for a different kind of politics – the kind of politics based on the ideals this country was founded upon. The idea that we are all connected as one people. That we all have a stake in one another. We’ve had too many years of bitter partisanship, of lobbyists and influence peddlers with cash and connections determining what goes on in Washington.

I’m putting forward workable, practical solutions to address our common problems, from our health care crisis to bringing a responsible end to the war in Iraq. But I’m also talking to Americans about how we can come together in ways bigger than any ideological agenda or corporate bottom line. I think this approach is resonating with millions of Americans. (more…)