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Dennis Kucinich is out

I know that Representative Dennis Kucinich was a long shot by every definition of the word.  Still I thought that he brought balance to the debates.  While Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were arguing shades of grey, Dennis Kucinich was telling it like it was.  He was talking form the heart.  He didn’t seem to ever want to sugar coat anything for general consumption.  He is a true progressive.

Tomorrow Dennis Kucinich will announce that he is dropping out of the race for President.

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Bill Moyers – Dennis Kucinich

Why wasn’t Dennis Kucinich in the New Hampshire debate? Let’s be honest. Dennis Kucinich does represent some of the Democrat core values – helping the underdog, fighting for the working man, fighting against the corporate giants. Why doesn’t Dennis get more air time?

I think it is sad that most people will not get to hear what he has to say BUT I must add that some of his lack of exposure is his fault. I know that I have tried on a number of occasions to contact his campaign for an interview. I got no response. Even if I’m a nobody, and I am, if you are trying to win friends and influence people some type of response is needed.

If you are a serious candidate then you can’t answer every question. Saying that you have seen a UFO makes you look like a crack pot. If you are serious then you focus on the issues. Dennis Kucinich goes out of his way to be truthful and honest. This is good. He needs to focus his message into 3 core values but he knows this. He is a very smart man. You message gets diluted when you have a list of hundred things that you care about. If you want to be taken seriously then you need to focus and play the game by the rules that the big boys have set up.

This video is a great interview with Dennis Kucinich. Bill Moyers as usual does a great job at fleshing out Dennis and making him more appealing to liberals.

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Dennis Kucinich on the War

Representative Dennis Kucinich is known more for his beautiful wife than his policies.  He isn’t getting much play in the press.  He has lots of problems to overcome in order to get into the “top” tier.  He hasn’t really raised any money (less than a million by last count).  Therefore he can’t buy ads and can’t get his message out.  One appearance on the Ed Schultz show ain’t going to help him much.  In spite of all this, last night, I thought his answer to Iraq was the most correct.

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