Summer Movie Reviews


I love movies. Here are a few short movie reviews.


Wolverine is one of the most complex characters in Marvel’s lineup. He is capable of great violence and is also capable of great humanity. As usual, Hugh Jackman does a wonderful job at playing this complex character. I would like to be able to tell you that the script was unpredictable. 🙂 Of course, it wasn’t. The movie is solid. It is clearly enjoyable. There are lots of moments where Hugh Jackman is walking around without a shirt. Yet, if you’re looking for more than Wolverine grunting and yelling, this movie is somewhat lacking. One of the villains in this movie is a character that looks something like a Batman villain called Poison Ivy. Exactly what her deal is, is not really explained in the movie. I should mention that this movie is visually stunning. For the most part, I believe that 3-D is a waste of time and money, but in Wolverine it is wonderful. In spite of this movie’s shortcomings, is clearly one of the best movies of the summer. (more…)