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28 million wrongs

I guess I should not be surprised. We heap tons of accolades and money on our “whiz kids” of Wall Street. Mark Hurd was just the latest CEO to be backing up his truck and filling it with large sums of cash. Sure we’re in the midst of coming out of one of the greatest recessions in our history, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend millions on CEOs. At least, this is the thinking in these board rooms of large corporations. Mark Hurd, of course, was working for Hewlett-Packard. He is the latest in a long string of CEOs to

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Conversions of confusions

I just spent 90 minutes on the phone with Dell Computers, excluding the 30 minutes that I spent on Dell Chat. Have I got my computer problem solved? No. Do I feel as if I’ve been wasting my time? Maybe. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Man, I’m growing to hate corporate America. President Barack Obama has promised an era of “open government.” He promised us a government that was going to be more transparent. Well, today’s revelation seems to be less transparent. It seems to be more George Bush and less candidate Obama. The White House was set to release torture

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Yang to step down at Yahoo!

Remember back in 2000 when AOL bought Time Warner? There was a lot of speculation at the time regarding the wisdom of AOL. Remember also that AOL, Amazon.com and Yahoo! were the titans of Wall Street at that time. They were worth billions and billions of dollars. Well, eight years later, AOL proves to be the smartest of the bunch. Amazon.com attached themselves to traditional stores like Target. It was Yahoo! that thought they were smart enough to keep the good times rolling. Yahoo stock traded above $400 per share in 2000. Currently Yahoo is trading at $12 per share. This

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