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No more guns around the President

Isn’t it time to say no more guns around our president? If you want to take your AR-15 assault rifle to the mall, expect to get questioned, stopped and possibly arrested. Why is it okay to take it to a rally? Washington DC’s delegate (unfortunately, Washington DC only has a delegate and not a real representative) Eleanor Norton agrees:

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) called on the Homeland Security Department and the U.S. Secret Service on Wednesday to provide tighter restrictions on citizens carrying weapons, openly or concealed, while in the vicinity of President Barack Obama.

Norton, who sits on the Homeland Security Committee, made the request after numerous news reports have shown groups of people brandishing firearms while outside of events held by Obama over the past several weeks.

“It is clear that if the Secret Service can temporarily clear all aircraft from air space when the president is in the vicinity, the agency has the authority to clear guns on the ground that are even closer to the President,” Norton said. (more…)

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Maybe Clinton's Victory Isn't as Impressive as First Impression

On the DailyKos, Kubla000 had this take on Senator Hillary Clinton’s victory:

“When you’re down 179 delegates total, there is NO TIME For Momentum or Symbolism. Despite what the media is telling you, Hillary Clinton tonight Failed in West Virginia.”

Why, you may ask, is kubla000 saying Clinton lost West Virginia? Simply, tonight Clinton underperformed Senator Barack Obama’s TEN best Victories

What does tonight’s final tally look like? After reviewing the second Exit Update, tonight is going to be:

65% Clinton
32% Obama

Per the Incredible Poblano

Obama built his 179-delegate lead on much larger victories than Clinton’s 33 percent victory tonight in West Virginia, which is home to only five electoral votes. Let’s re-cap the scoreboard:

Idaho- Four electoral votes (I’m sorry, I have to inject some thing here. 92 percent of Idaho is white while 0.5 percent is black. I thought that Obama had a problem with white folks? It doesn’t look like it in Idaho).
Obama 79%
Clinton 17%
Obama +62%

Hawaii- Four electoral votes
Obama 76%
Clinton 24%
Obama +52%

Alaska- Three electoral votes
Obama 75%
Clinton 25%
Obama +50%

Washington- 11 electoral votes
Obama 68%
Clinton 31%
Obama +37%

Georgia- 15 electoral votes (Competitive with Bob Barr)
Obama 67%
Clinton 31%
Obama +36%

Colorado- Nine electoral votes
Obama 67%
Clinton 32%
Obama +35%

Minnesota- 10 electoral votes
Obama 66%
Clinton 32%
Obama +34%

And, as Poblano pointed out this morning, no Democrat has won the White House while losing Washington, D.C….

Barack Obama won Washington D.C. by 52 percent



Despite the pomp and circumstance, Clinton’s victory tonight pales in comparison to Obama’s landslides… and it’s beyond too late anyhow. Enjoy your night Senator Clinton. You did win. But you lost because you didn’t win by 52 percent. This was your ‘Most Lay-Up State’ and your margin didn’t eclipse Obama’s most ‘Favorable.’

PS: Do you recall the Virgin Islands? Clinton didn’t even make threshold there… Obama walked away with all three delegates. That’s over 70 percent.

P.P.S: I forgot Democrats Abroad
Obama: 65.8%
Clinton: 32.5%

Let’s see if Clinton out performs our ex-pats… with 20 percent in, it’s right at 33 percent

UPDATE: Per Mark Halperin, the bar was clearly set at 68 percent.  With 19percent in, it’s at 63 percent– the 33 percent that Poblano predicted.

Percentage of votes that Clinton has to get in West Virginia for the press to take notice and assign it some meaning: 68

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Clinton Camp Continues Smoke and Mirrors

Don’t look at the man behind curtain. It might appear that Obama can’t win. Obama is an ‘elitist’  yet he has 1.3 million Americans donating to his campaign. Obama has won ‘meaningless’ states. Hillary Clinton has won states with electoral votes. This is the latest from the Clinton camp.

I heard all this on Lynn Samuel’s show a couple of weeks ago. Now, several Clinton supporters have pushed this notion. Does this make any sense to you?

Take Hillary Clinton’s home state of New York. If Barack Obama wins the nomination, does anyone really think that John McCain would win New York? How about California? Doubt it. The electoral argument is designed to distract us from what is truly important – delegates.

This portion of the process is about delegates. Obama has more. Period. Since February, Obama went from trailing Hillary Clinton by 87 in the superdelegate race to trailing by only 30.

I’m still having trouble figuring out how Hillary Clinton can win the nomination.

Keith Olbermann talks with Chuck Todd about Obama, Clinton and Super Delegates.


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