Trump debating himself?

Donald Trump is hosting a debate on December 27. The only relevant question, in my mind, is why? Why should anyone participate in a debate hosted by Donald Trump? What has this guy done to distinguish himself as a thoughtful political figure? Does he get to host a political debate just because he has a reality TV show? Does that mean that we can have a Survivor debate? A Fear Factor debate? (Since Bobby Brown and Ozzy Osbourne have both had reality TV shows, why don’t we let them cohost a presidential debate?) Maybe he is allowed to host a presidential debate simply because he’s rich. Therefore, we should let all multimillionaires/multibillionaires host presidential debates. If you make the Fortune 500, then you should be able to host a presidential debate. No, we can’t have 500 debates, so let’s narrow the field to the top 50. (Since the Waltons have four different family members listed in the top 50, do they get four separate debates?)

Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman have all declined the generous invitation to pump up Donald Trump’s ego. Michele Bachmann has yet to announce her decision. I’m a little confused – what is she waiting for? If you can’t see that this debate doesn’t help you or the Republican Party, how can you be fit to be president? I guess a larger question is why Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich sign up for the debate? Rick Santorum is so far to the right that he basically loses touch with reality. (He is still looking for those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.) It is hard to see things clearly when you’re that far to the right. So I guess he could be forgiven. You have to remember that Newt Gingrich seems himself as a truly transformational figure. He thinks that he is smarter than anybody else in the room. Therefore, he is easily able to outthink and outdebate Donald Trump. He’s happy to show the world that he is smarter than Donald Trump. In my opinion, that’s why he decided to join the debate.

I have no idea how this helps clarify the Republican field. I have no idea how this really helps America. Cancel the debate.