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Death and Destruction

Sometimes, I’m amazed at how we come up with new ways to kill each other. Death and destruction seems to rain everywhere.

First, we have a passenger jet that was shot down by a missile. Can somebody explain this to me? It doesn’t seem like a passenger jet would be mistaken for a fighter jet. By the way, does the Ukraine actually have any fighter jets? None of it makes any sense.

Can somebody explain the violence that is going on in the Middle East, again? It sure seems to me like a little boy poking a stick at a bear, time and time again. Suddenly, the bear turns around and strikes the little boy. The little boy runs screaming, “The fierce, ugly, vicious bear is trying to kill me!” I’m not saying that the response of Israel isn’t out of proportion to the rockets fired by Hamas, but damn!

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Local Edge Radio Podcast – Troy Davis and more

I was on Local Edge Radio yesterday. I chatted with Blake and Leslie. We discussed the death of Troy Davis. We have to fix this. We need a system that is fair for everyone. Our government shouldn’t be in the business of vengeance. We need to get into a position where the death penalty is used rarely, if ever. We then drift into a couple of other topics. We note that the stock market took a huge hit yesterday. Then we delve into global climate change secondary to man’s burning of fossil fuels. I point to the difficulty of tackling threats that are in the future. I then talk about the science of global warming. Ice core samples reveal that CO2 levels are higher now then at any time during the last 500,000 years. The question that I ask is whether we can face a complex problem like global warming. We then discuss the problem that California is having with water. California has known for more than 40 years that their water supply is dwindling. The population of California’s increasing. The agricultural demands on water continue to increase. Yet, California continually puts the problem off by rationing water. Rationing water is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. There are only two ways to fix this problem. One, significantly decrease demand on water – move large segments of the population. Two, significantly increase water, make water. Leslie mentions the decrease in the water in aquifers. Finally, I mention a book that I’m currently reading called the Watchman’s Rattle. I highly recommend it.


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At Least Rick Perry Tells You Up Front What He Is About

From last night’s Republican debate

“When co-moderator Brian Williams of NBC noted the 234 executions that took place in Texas on the watch of Gov. Rick Perry, the current frontrunner in the GOP presidential contest, the crowd assembled in the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, roared its approval. Asked if he ever lost sleep worrying that one of those executed might have been innocent, Perry replied, “No, sir. I’ve never struggled with that at all.”

I’ll say this for Rick Perry—At least he invites us to revel in the contempt for life and hope that often defines this country in so many aspects of public policy and daily conduct.

At least he makes no excuses in a culture where leaders of both parties and much of the public turn their backs everyday on the people who need help the most.

At least he tells you what he is all about.

Rick Perry offers Americans a clear choice. People can decide what they want.

Here are some facts about Rick Perry’s executions. 

Here is the discussion from the debate last night. 

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