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John Pinette – Dead at age 50

Look, John Pinette wasn’t the picture of health, but he was funny. I caught him on HBO or Showtime a few years ago and his humor was all about food. He was funny. At times, fall-on-the-floor kind of funny. John over at Crooks and Liars has a very nice tribute.

From CNN (hey, look a story on CNN that isn’t about that flight 370):

Comedian John Pinette was found dead in a Pittsburgh hotel room Saturday, the Allegheny County medical examiner’s office said Monday. (more…)

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Four Thousand Americans Dead in Iraq

Four thousand Americans have died in Iraq. And, over 29 thousand wounded.

(I tried to post this last night. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.)


From New York Times:

As many as 20 mortar shells were fired Sunday at the heavily fortified Green Zone, one of the fiercest and most sustained attacks on the area in the last year.

The shelling sent thick plumes of dark gray smoke over central Baghdad and ignited a spectacular fire on the banks of the Tigris River. It ushered in a day of violence that claimed the lives of four American soldiers and at least 58 lraqis around the country.

American military officials said the soldiers were killed by a homemade bomb about 10 p.m. as they patrolled southern Baghdad in a vehicle, pushing the number of American service members killed in Iraq closer to 4,000. Another soldier was wounded in the attack. (more…)

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Sean Taylor dead at age 24

I’m a huge professional football fan. I love the game. Sean Taylor was a first round draft pick of the Washington Redskins about 4 years ago. He was a hard hitting safety that was really learning to play the game. He was shot in his house Monday night. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital (great trauma center) where he died early Tuesday morning. Exactly what happened in his house is unclear.

Sean Taylor is the second NFL player in less than a year to be shot and killed. Darrant Williams of the Denver Broncos was shot last New Year’s Eve. There are a ton of things that I can say about folks that have more dollars than sense. I could comment violence in the Black community which must stop. I think that I’m going to leave this right here for now. (Thankfully, Michael Wilbon of the WaPo didn’t leave it. He took it where this needed to go. Senseless Violence in the Black Community- For what?)

I have a couple of questions – Sean Taylor was a multi-millionaire. Where was the help? Was there no maid or anything? Where is the fancy alarm system? It has been reported that his phone lines were cut? If this is true then throw out that this was some random thing. This was specific. What was in the house? Was anything stolen? What is this Miami Vice, phone lines cut? Was this a cat burglar looking for the Hope Diamond? Someone help me understand this one.


From Miami Herald:

Miami-Dade detectives looking for the mysterious intruder who shot football star Sean Taylor now say they are hunting a killer.

After clinging to life nearly 24 hours, the Washington Redskins Pro Bowl safety succumbed to a bullet wound to the leg about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Shot Monday morning at his Palmetto Bay home — just feet from his baby daughter — he died before he could speak to detectives. They are treating his death as a homicide. Under scrutiny of national media, investigators are looking into everything from a 2005 fight involving Taylor to a strange break-in last week at his home. (more…)

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