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News Roundup – education, fracking and more

I’ve talked about this before, but one of the things that is going completely wrong in our society has to do with education and the cost of education. Yes, I’ll go ahead and say it, “back in my day…,” getting an education was a no-brainer. The cost of education was relatively miniscule compared to the rewards. College was expensive but affordable. The average middle-class family could afford to send their son or daughter to almost any school in the United States. Although some families had to take out loans, the loans weren’t overwhelming, crushing and never-ending. Today it is different. With

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Obama selling healthcare on Letterman

President Obama on David Letterman. Watch CBS Videos Online From HuffPost: Add this one to the presidential collection: the heart-shaped potato. By the time Barack Obama came on stage to the taping of the “Late Show” on Monday, host David Letterman had offered up 10 reasons why in the world the president had agreed to do it. Among Letterman’s theories: Obama said yes without thinking about it, or as Letterman put it, “Like Bush did with Iraq.” But Obama had other ideas. It turns out he was listening when Letterman had bantered with a woman in the audience who brought —

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What's Going On – Wednesday News Round up

From Political Animal: * The guard shot at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has died. * The suspected killer is a “birther” with a long list of groups of people he hates. * A car bomb at a crowded food market in southern Iraq killed about 30 people today and wounded dozens more. * The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal on the Chrysler sale to Fiat, and the deal was reportedly wrapped up today. * NYT: “The Obama administration on Wednesday appointed a compensation overseer with broad discretion to set the pay for 175 top executives at seven of

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