The Errington Thompson Show 3-7-09

Now this is fun. I’m out of town, so I’m recording the show at the Rational Radio studios just north of downtown Dallas. David Clifton and Sean Compton of Rational Radio were extremely helpful in getting my show on the air this morning. Back at the mother ship, Aaron helped mix and edit everything so that it would sound great. Thanks to everyone for your help.

I start the show with the new labor stats. It isn’t good. There are over 650,000 new unemployed and it looks pretty bad. I discuss the flow of more money to AIG and the stupidity of Credit Default Swaps. This should have been regulated. I’m not sure why it wasn’t, except that Democrats and Republicans drank from the Free Market fountain. Al Franken had a good week this week.

My special guest is Scott Horton. Scott has been on the show before. We discuss these new John Yoo memos. We discuss Karl Rove and former governor of Alabama Don Siegelman, whose case was set back yesterday. This is a great discussion. Scott is very informative.