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NFL week 11: Thoughts and Predictions

The NFL is having trouble trying to figure out what to do with Tim Tebow. I have no such consternation. If you’re over the age of 25, you have enough experience to stand back and look at the NFL. How does a quarterback win consistently in the NFL? Quarterbacks win in the NFL by throwing the ball accurately – consistently. It is that simple. When you go back and think about some of the great running quarterbacks of all time, who was successful? Randall Cunningham, Steve Young and Roger Staubach are just a few quarterbacks that come to mind who made

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NFL: Week 2

Buffalo Bills versus Oakland Raiders – both of these teams did a lot of good things last week. Both of these teams have the ability to start their season 2-0. Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like a Pro Bowler last week throwing for four touchdowns. On the Raiders side of the ball, Darren McFadden ran for 150 yards in only 22 carries. Both offenses have the potential of playing well. In this game, though, which defense is going to show up? I think the Buffalo Bills have just a little bit more defense. I’m giving the edge to the Bills. Green Bay Packers

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A Few Sports Items

The Dallas Mavericks are on their way to losing in the first round, again. They have clearly fallen since their finals appearance two or three years ago. Chris Paul is single-handedly torching them. I’m still not sure why any one would actively go and get Jason Kidd. We sent Devin Harris, a young, super quick defender and up-and-coming star to the Nets. Paul is clearly making Kidd look old and slow. There was no defense which Coach Avery was supposed to be known for. It reminded me of when we traded Dale Ellis to Seattle. He came back and destroyed the

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