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The Errington Thompson Show 9-20-08

I started the show by trying to convince my producer to apply for a bailout loan from our government. Since we seem to giving out money to Wall Street, why can’t we apply? Another lingering question: What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act? Then, Bev Hoffman from Tents for Hope discussed Darfur with us. The greatness of the blog DailyKos comes from their editors, including Joan McCarter who joined us to talk about painting the West blue. It’s a great show. Enjoy.

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Complexity of the violence in Darfur

After Rush Limbaugh said that Liberals were pushing to get us into Darfur because the people of Darfur were Black, I thought that I would try and find a good video to post on the pain and suffering of a large group of people. First of all, Rush is a racist. Secondly, he spoke of Darfur as if it was a country. It is not. It is a region of the Sudan. Thirdly, as the world’s only superpower we have to lead the world. We must be a force for good. Not a force for oil interests. Killing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, causing the starvation of tens of thousands more is something that a civilized nation shouldn’t stand for. Finally, I don’t know of any Blacks in the US who are going to vote Democratic because of any policies in Africa. But Rush knows this and lies to this caller any way. He is painting a picture for his listeners and damn the facts or the reality.

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This video is almost too sad to post. This video comes with a warning of graphic scenes. I think that they were tastefully done. The Bush administration has had so many failures it is hard to single out the best, worst, biggest. Darfur must be in the top 2 or 3.

Fixing this crap would be relatively easy. We need the will and the money. We don’t have either but we can ask our kids for a loan. We go in with overwhelming force (Powell doctrine) and restore order. Criminals go to the Hague. Set up a temp government. Deliver basic services. Set up democracy institutions. No, really, democratic, not the faux thing that we set up in Iraq. 3 – 5 year commitment for the good of humanity. Not for oil or for profit. No Halliburtons. Just because it is the right thing to do. Damn it.

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