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Pointer Sisters – Neutron Dance

The song makes little sense.

I know that there a pot of gold for me
All I have to do is just believe
I’m so happy doing the Neutron Dance

In spite of this small fact, the song was/is great.  For a short time, the Pointer Sisters were as big as you could be in music.

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Humpty Dance

The Digital Underground had a homerun with their first single out of the block.  The Humpty Dance was one of those cross over hits that bands dream about.  Everyone was playing the Humpty Dance.  You couldn’t have a party without it. 

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Genesis – I Can't Dance

There was a period of about 4 or 5 years in which everything that Phil Collins touched turned to platinum.   He made a series of very successful solo albums and he made 2 great albums with Genesis during this time.

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