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Something strange is going on

Something Strange is going on

I don’t believe in those mass conspiracy theories, but something strange is going on. Conservatives suppressing the truth is nothing new. Why they decided to bury this report is obvious. It simply doesn’t conform to their world view. Tax rates for the rich have no relation to overall economic growth. This was a no-brainer, but millions of Americans where suckered by the GOP who sold this as fact.

The largest progressive blog has been down most of the day. Now, I go to the Daily Kos about once or twice a day. I have done so for years. I don’t remember its being down for anything but maintenance. Crashed? All day? Just before a big election? Something is up. (BTW, the Daily Kos is based in California and not on the East Coast.)

Another progressive blog, Crooks and Liars, is down. This isn’t good. I don’t know what craziness has been pulled. I wouldn’t think that conservatives… wound hack… yes, they would. Something strange is going on. This may turn out to be something very explainable. Then again…

For my Friday Night music selection –
Artist: Three Dog Night
Tune: Momma Told Me not to Come

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Yep, So What? Debates wrap up

Debates suck. I’m sorry, but they do. They are completely meaningless. We learn nothing from debates. All I can do is quote the great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and say, “So What?” Let’s think about this just for second. Suppose Barack Obama had come out on the offensive. Suppose that he had jumped on every misstatement and unsupported piece of data that Mitt Romney offered up throughout this first debate. What would have happened? Barack Obama would be painted by the Right as having been too aggressive. “He is overly aggressive. He’s a man; he’s angry.” You know where this would be going. Then, on the other hand, what if Barack Obama took a scholarly approach? Well, that would also play into one of those conservative memes. As far as I can tell, debates rarely change the outcome of an election. By now, everybody knows who Barack Obama is and everybody knows who Mitt Romney is. If you don’t know what they stand for by now, it is because you have been living in a cave.

From the Daily Kos:

So what will happen moving forward? There will be aggressive fact checking, which may make a dent in Romney’s win, but I’m not confident of that. Romney’s favorabilities, if the snap polling is to be believed, will also improve. But nothing will knock Obama’s down, and in fact, that CBS snap poll found that people found Obama more empathetic.

We’ll be watching the polling carefully over the coming days and weeks, obviously, for signs that the damage runs deeper. It wasn’t a great night, but not a catastrophic one. The fundamentals still favor our team, by a longshot, and Team Blue has three more debates to turn things around (two presidential and one vice-presidential). But they will definitely need to make adjustments.


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One month of Occupy Wall St.

From Occupy Wall Street

It is been a month of the occupy Wall Street movement. Check this out from the Daily Kos, this is what Occupy Wall Street is:

It is a protest specifically against the members of the financial sector, who were bailed out at taxpayer expense after wrecking the economy with self-perpetuated fraudulent schemes against one another, and who have learned not one damn thing from the experience, but instead have continued on their merry, privileged way. They assert themselves to be masters of the universe, and pay themselves accordingly, and whether the world they supposedly run hums like clockwork or burns to the ground makes no particular difference to them.

It is a protest against the perceived entitlement of the wealthy, for whom any slight economic injury (say, from taxes) is seen as an apocalyptic event, and for whose sake austerity must be imposed on every other group, from schoolchildren to the elderly, from the poor, the sick and the comfortably middle-class alike.

It is a protest against a government that seems to exist solely to meet the needs of wealthy and corporate benefactors, a government that cannot competently even execute routine functions anymore, but which is instead dedicated single-mindedly to the premise of cutting taxes on the rich and balancing the books on the poor. (more…)

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