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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Deadly typhoon in the Philippines. Remember, all of these weather-related events just sort of happened. These cannot possibly be related to atmospheric changes secondary to man’s burning tons and tons of fossil fuels.

I’m intrigued by Ashley Judd. No, not for that reason. There have been rumors that actress Ashley Judd could run for Senate in Kentucky. She would be running against perpetual curmudgeon and GOP champion Mitch McConnell. Imagine knocking off Mitch McConnell. In Kentucky. That would be a huge progressive victory.

In study after study, Republicans have proven to be misinformed. The latest study shows that 49% of Republicans believe that ACORN was responsible for Barack Obama’s election last month. This group, which no longer exists, somehow magically stole the election for the president. The power of Fox News to mesmerize and lie to its listeners continues to be overwhelming. (more…)

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A few things that are bouncing around my brain

Cool video on Dark Matter:

I was kind of surprised that Senator Marco Rubio while talking about the death of dictator Muammar Qaddafi managed to thank British and French troops (warning: this link opens an audio file), but not American troops. I just found that interesting. A Republican thanking foreign troops first – curious.

There seems to be lots of people who are curious about how Muammar Qaddafi died. I’m sorry, maybe I’m just not inquisitive. I simply don’t care. I don’t care if a lightning bolt from Zeus hit him in the head or a sniper took him out at 300 yards with a 10 mile an hour cross breeze. I simply don’t care. From my standpoint, I’m happy for the Libyan people. They needed the dictator either captured or killed so that they could move on. Now they get to the difficult task of trying to make a nation out of Libya. Running a government is a lot harder than overthrowing the government. Running a government that respects all of your people is even harder. By the way, I wasn’t interested in the gruesome photos of Saddam Hussein or the photos of his sons when they were killed. Maybe it’s because I get enough blood and guts and work that I don’t need to see them at home. Maybe it’s because the blood and guts are beside the point.

Charles Blow has been writing some absolutely fabulous articles/op-eds in the New York Times. He has served up another one. This one is about Occupy Wall Street. There are a lot of people who feel a kinship with those who are doing the “occupying.”

Bank failure #84. Yes, there’ve been 84 bank failures so far this year.

According to the Financial Time,s the bondholders of Greek debt are expected to take a 60% loss on their current holdings.

I’ll have a little bit more on this later but I thought I’d start off now. Skeptics of global warming, some curmudgeon scientists, decided to prove once and for all that global warming was nothing but a bunch of hooey. They took a bunch of data than they crunched all the numbers and guess what, they found out what every other climate scientists of any stature has found out, that global warming is for real.

10 years since the anthrax attacks. There have been so many different things going on in the last 10 years, I really have not had a chance to delve into this case. I haven’t looked at the evidence. I know that both Glenn and Jim White have been following this case with more than a passing interest.

As I mentioned several days ago, Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is nothing more than a fancy flat tax. Robert Reich agrees.

We should enjoy a little music on a Friday night:

Artist: Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto
Tune: The Girl from Ipanema

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Eric Clapton – "Cocaine"

I was looking around YouTube to find a tune to post for tonight and I found this video of some woman playing guitar. As you know some videos on YouTube are relatively boring. This woman was playing a Santana tune that I was unfamiliar with. You could see her left hand but you couldn’t see her right hand. I don’t know, maybe I’m just skeptical or a curmudgeon, but I really wasn’t that impressed. So I decided to find a couple of videos of great guitar players with whom I am actually impressed. How about Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn? Now these guys can play guitar.

Artist: Eric Clapton
Tune: Cocaine

Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughn
Tune: Pride and Joy

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