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Monday Afternoon News Roundup

Monday Afternoon News Roundup Looks like the worst of the flu season is over. Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down as Pope. Here’s a look back. I would like to take a moment and talk about the Catholic Church. First, as a caveat, I’m not Catholic. On the other hand, I do respect what the Catholic Church stands for. I am Christian. As a Christian, I’ve been deeply saddened by the lack of responsiveness that the Catholic Church has shown to its members. We have seen, over the last 5-10 years, the Catholic Church suffer a slow death by a thousand

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More on the Financial Meltdown

I am currently in the middle of the book Too Big to Fail, while the book has some structural problems (too many little teeny details about who went to Harvard, what car they drove and who grew up poor, it is almost as if the author showing off that he’s done this research), the content is solid. This book tells this tale from yet another angle. I continue to be amazed at how many of the Wall Street CEOs had no idea of the enormity of their problem. At the same time, there’s almost no acknowledgment that they caused the problem.

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Mining for answers

A couple of days ago, I was going to post something on a mining disaster in China. Over 100 miners were trapped for more than a week. Somehow, 115 miners were rescued. They were alive. Before I had a chance to really investigate what happened and how they were saved, we had our own mining disaster. I hate these things. I really do. I believe we should be able to work and have a reasonable expectation of coming home — alive. There are some jobs that carry the risk of death — police officer, firefighter — to name a few. You

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