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Lions, Tigers and Benghazi, Oh My

The evolution of this Benghazi story has been pretty remarkable. From the very beginning of the story, I commented on several things. First of all, I said it was an incredible tragedy. Secondly, I wasn’t entirely clear on why our ambassador was in a place that was deemed so hostile. Thirdly, I commented that it didn’t make much sense that an obscure video would have set off this kind of violence.

Since very early in this story, Republicans have held up Benghazi as an example of Democratic weakness. Democrats just cannot keep this country safe. As a matter fact, Democrats do not understand terrorism and they never have. For two and a half months, we’ve heard this almost every day. The fact that the president has taken out top terrorist leaders means nothing. The fact that the president put the resources and his personal reputation/presidency on the line in order to take out Osama bin Laden doesn’t count. Instead, Republicans have decided to draw a line in the sand (pun intended) in Benghazi. (more…)

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All Taxes Are Created Equal

From more than 20 years, Grover Norquist has been on a crusade to decrease income taxes. For that matter, he wanted to decrease all taxes. No matter how small the government was, it was too big. Yesterday, we found out that he was talking to a group of Republicans and took the stance that raising taxes on the middle class didn’t count as raising taxes at all. Doesn’t this once and for all prove that Republicans really don’t care about the middle class? Doesn’t this prove that this antitax crusade is all about the wealthy becoming more wealthy?

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