We Don’t Need No Stinking Small Business Stimulus

Republicans have perfected the fake. They say one thing and do another. They say they’re for tax cuts for small business then they oppose those exact same tax cuts. Here’s an excellent example of Michael Steele doing this exact thing.

From TP:

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele appeared on Fox News today to bash President Obama’s recent proposal to help small businesses and jump start the economy. Dubbing it “TARP III,” Steele said Obama’s plan wouldn’t work because it focuses on extending credit lines to small business, which Steele claimed “they don’t need”:

STEELE: What we have right now is more of the same, you have the president proposing a small business bill, which is nothing more than TARP III or mini-TARP, in which basically, you’re going to put money into financial institutions on the assumption that small businesses are going to go and take out credit loans, or credit lines — they don’t need that.

More from TP:

Steele’s dismissal of the need to extend credit lines to small businesses is curious, considering that he touted the very idea as a key Republican proposal just last weekon Sean Hannity’s Fox show:

STEELE: Republican leadership on the Hill has offered time and time again and will continue to do so until they take the majority in November when they can actually begin to act and put into place these policies that empower small businesses by creating — helping them create jobs by opening up capital and credit markets.