Bob Murray and the Crandall Mine

I saw a stat the other day.  During the Clinton administration that there were no mine accidents and during the Bush administration there have been 7.  I don’t know if that’s true.  What I do know is governmental oversight is needed to keep big business honest.  We have learned this time and time again in the US.  We know that at the turn of the last century we had sweat shops.  We know we had child labor.  We had garment workers working in a building with only one exit and it was barred.  We know that for the most part business owners do not treat their workers that well.  This we know.  We also know that the Bush Administration isn’t a fan of regulation.  So, it would not surprise me if those numbers were/are correct.

Bob Murray has been as interesting guy in the middle of this disaster.  He has been trying to pump up the family and the media with hope.  He has been out there everyday “showing us that he cares”.  Now, it turns out that his “better than average” safety record was made up in his mind.   The problems at this Crandall mine were not because of sloppy regard for safety but because of that “evil mountain.”  Watch the video on Murray’s mining record.