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Underwater volcano, snow and things

I think the fact that scientists were able to capture the deepest underwater volcano during an erection eruption (Freudian slip :-)) is totally cool.

snow in asheville2The storm that is creeping up the East Coast slammed in Asheville at about nine o’clock this morning. I’ve lived in Asheville for about five years. It snows here. We can see two or three or even 4 inches of snow at a time. Today, in some parts of Asheville was gotten over a foot of snow. The city has ground to a halt. My drive home from the hospital which usually takes about 15-20 minutes took closer to 90 minutes.

I think my radio show is canceled for tomorrow. Sorry. Maybe if I can get a helicopter to take me.

Finally, I really don’t have anything brilliant to say about healthcare. I found this whole process frustrating. I’ve talked about the lack of leadership from both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I think the president Obama made a mistake when he turned the whole process over to Congress. I think that Joe Lieberman is an attention seeking jerk. I think that the good people of Nebraska need to vote Ben Nelson out of office — yesterday.

I need to turn in early so that I can get up at the crack of dawn and try and make it through the snow.

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To worrywarts, wing-nuts, true conservatives and others who are wringing their hands:

Last night at about four in the morning I had a “surge” (pun intended) of activity on my blog. Hundreds of people found my blog out of nowhere. I’m always happy for the traffic. About 20 or so people left comments on this post. All the comments were warning us real Americans of the dire consequences of a Barack Obama administration. This post will do nothing to calm your fears because nothing I can say can make irrational thought rational.

Barack Obama will not take away your guns. Neither Barack Obama nor the Democratic Party have any desire to round up every gun in the United States. If you’re hunting with your gun, good for you. Be safe. If you are protecting your home with your gun, good for you. Please make sure that everyone in your household is familiar with gun safety. If you are a criminal with a gun, expect to do time. Steven, Barack Obama is not against your having guns in your homes. He hasn’t said anything like this throughout the campaign or even previously. Put down the crack pipe.

Someone had a kooky idea that Barack Obama wanted to manacle the “little people” to the government. Nothing can be further from the truth. Instead, Barack Obama would like to empower the poor. He would like to give them the tools they need to go to school if that is their intent. He would like to give them the tools to be successful if they would like to apply themselves and work hard. Education is the key out of poverty. Barack Obama would like to give everyone a chance to use that key.

Ralph complained about Barack Obama’s choice to opt out of the public financing system. It is clear that we need to fix our public financing system. We will need a large coalition of informed voters to pressure our elected officials on the subject. What Barack Obama managed to do cannot be replicated by everyone. We need to come up with a system that is equitable and flexible. It is unreasonable for the American people to expect their politicians to raise a half a billion dollars in order to run for president. (I’m aware that Barack Obama raised more than this.)

Tim thought we were stepping closer to socialism. I would ask Tim to define the word “socialism.” We are moving our tax system back to where we were under President Clinton. If we were a socialistic system eight years ago, then, yes, we’re moving back to that system. One of the strangest things in this country is that people believe that all rich people have worked for their money. Some have and some have not. There is a segment of our population which believes that the rich deserve the salaries that they get. My question is what do the workers deserve? In a capitalistic society, individual workers are not valued. As a matter of fact, it is seen in a positive light to pit workers against each other so that they will serve to help you drive down their own wages. Monopolies, the end result of all unregulated systems, are by definition the only game in town. Therefore, you work for almost nothing or you are out of work. I suggested there is a happy medium between all-out capitalism and all-out socialism. There is a place where workers are valued and those with initiative, smarts and good fortune can make an extraordinary living. That is the sweet spot that Barack Obama is looking for.

Nelson, there really isn’t anything that I can say to you. Your thought processes are so bizarre that I can only recommend good medication. With lots of therapy, you could be able to let back into society in two or three years.

CK, I hope you lodged your complaint with someone other than my blog. There are several voter advocacy groups. I hope you got in touch with one of them.

Carla, if you are a Christian, how can you not always be in prayer? There is no evidence that Barack Obama will be anything but a staunch ally of Israel. He has said this. Barack Obama is also a Christian, so why would he persecute Christians. Are you suggesting that he will persecute himself?

Barack Obama may be a bust. Don’t forget that even George W. Bush was supposed to be a great president. He was not. Let’s give Barack Obama an opportunity…one he has earned.

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Obama: Clinton Knows Better

I know that Barack Obama should apologize and explain what he meant. And he does exactly that in this video. He also asks the same question that most of his progressives have been for two days now: Why is Hillary Clinton using Republican talking points? He expects that from John McCain. He expects McCain to throw out some craziness like that Obama is out of touch.

By the way, wasn’t Obama the candidate that worked in the inner city? Could he really be that out of touch? Isn’t Obama the candidate who has made the least amount of money over the last year, two years, or even decade? McCain is sitting on a huge sum of money since his wife’s family owns the largest Budweiser distributorship in the Southwest (We have seen NO tax returns from John McCain. Senator Clinton and her husband have been raking in about $15 – 18 million per year since he left office. Yet, they say that it is Obama who is out of touch.

It was Senator Clinton who lied about Bosnia. It was her husband who retold the lie with the “She was tired” defense. McCain is still smoking off of the Iraq crack pipe and nothing that he says can be taken seriously. Not after he argued against torture then voted to allow the administration to waterboarding.

Obama is defending himself but not getting in the mud with the rest of them. Excellent recovery.

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