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Grab bag – Traveling

Currently I am out of town. Therefore, there’ll not be a whole lot of time for blogging. Something about going away on vacation and blogging… my wife doesn’t think that’s the best use of my/her time. Go figure! Katy Couric is proving less of a pushover than I thought. In her interview with Fox’s (it’s really hard to categorize him) emotional, opinionated, uninformed commentator Glenn Beck, Couric asked, “Can you explain what you mean by white culture?” Of course, Glenn Beck was unable to answer the question and danced around it. He also was unable to answer the question about whether he

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Couric does a terrible job interviewing Valerie Plame

Katie Couric tried to portray the Wilsons are wreckless and bitter. What new information did Couric give us? Nothing. This was nothing more than at most a poor summary of what we already know. At least, it was a waste of time for the Wilson’s and the viewers. Where’s Mike Wallace, retired, Steve Kroft where is he? What about Bob Simon who was stationed overseas who had been captured during the first Gulf War? Instead we get Ms. Superficial asking questions like What happened when your name was leaked? Was the leak serious? The only stupid superficial question was wasn’t asked

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Katie Couric: Should we feel sorry for her?

I thought it was pretty cool when CBS announced last year that Katie Couric would become the first ever solo female to anchor an evening newscast. I rolled my eyes at the endless speculation over the length of her skirt and the seriousness of her haircut. “You go Katie!” I thought. Show them just how successful a woman can be as a figure of objective authority. America is ready for it. Don’t apologize for it. All those years of dressing up as Sesame Street characters and laughing at Al Roker’s jokers disguised the genuinely serious reporter you are. Fast forward a

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