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Grab Bag

Today kind of kept going and going. I will look over the healthcare legislation tomorrow. Right now, I will hold my nose and support it. I will address the rift in the progressive blogosphere, which I don’t think is necessarily bad.

From Political Animal:

Tehran: “Iran’s most senior dissident cleric, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, has died, his grandson said Sunday. He was 87. Nasser Montazeri said his grandfather, who was seen as the spiritual father of Iran’s reform movement, died in his sleep overnight.”

* Hopefully, a good sign: “The hiring of temporary workers has surged, suggesting that the nation’s employers might soon take the next step, bringing on permanent workers, if they can just convince themselves that the upturn in the economy will be sustained.”

* The American Medical Association formally endorses the Senate health care bill.

* President Obama’s Passenger Bill of Rights: “The federal government will impose big fines starting this spring on airlines that keep passengers waiting on the tarmac too long without feeding them or letting them off the plane. Airlines that let a plane sit on the tarmac for more than two hours without giving passengers food or water, or more than three hours without offering them the option of getting off, will face fines of $27,500 a passenger, the secretary of transportation announced on Monday.”

Counter-terrorism: “On orders from President Barack Obama, the U.S. military launched cruise missiles early Thursday against two suspected al-Qaeda sites in Yemen, administration officials told ABC News in a report broadcast on ABC World News with Charles Gibson.”

* Health care reform is going to save a lot of American families a lot of money.

* We know about the ways in which the Senate health care bill got worse (it lost the public option), but in a variety of other ways, it got much better.

* Jane Hamsher writes up 10 specific reasons she’d like to see the Senate health care bill defeated. Jonathan Cohn and Ezra Klein write up specific rebuttals to Hamsher’s list.

* CNBC’s John Harwood is taking cheap and unnecessary shots at progressive opponents of health care reform. Completely uncalled for.

* Joe Klein takes down Tom Coburn.

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Traveling needs regulation and other stuff

There was a time in this country when a snowstorm didn’t throw airline travel into a tailspin for two or three days. The Atlanta airport was just crazy… more on this later.

  • Rick Santelli’s rant that got so much publicity may have been planned. Right wing billionaires were probably behind it. Read on.  It is sad when you look at a billion dollars in your account and you think, “Damn, I must have more by any means necessary.”
  • Democratic presidents create jobs. Now, even the Wall Street Journal believes this fact.
  • The Dow fell below 7000 for the first time since 1997. I just know Republicans are going to blame Obama for this awful economic crisis.
  • Bush lawyers made many errors in early counter-terrorism documents according to new memos released today. I’m not surprised. Bush wasn’t interested in the process. He just wanted a result.
  • Barack Obama has offered Russia a deal in order to get Russia to help with Iran. We want Iran to stop pushing for long-ranged missiles and nuclear weapons and Russia wants us to stop Star Wars. Obama basically offered them a compromise. We will cut back on development of SDI if they lean on Iran. This could be a great deal for us. We have been throwing billions of dollars into a program that I don’t think has ever worked. Maybe it has worked to some degree, but is it keeping us safe? I don’t think so.
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