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Exactly What Is Cadillac Selling Us?

Cadillac has been playing the following commercial and high rotation for the last several months.

My basic question is what is Cadillac selling? By looking at the commercial, the car has a cool sounding engine and the electronic capability of syncing with an iPod or Droid device. That’s it. Most car commercials talk about acceleration, the feel of the drive, something about the car. This commercial is telling us that the new Cadillac is cool. I suspect that Cadillac is not targeting me with this commercial. Instead, Cadillac is targeting folks in their late 20s to early 40s who are willing to spend $40,000 on a cool car.

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Cool new car

This is the kind of outta da box thinking that can really help DC, NY and Boston with their traffic/pollution problem. It doesn’t look like a solution for everyone in every city. Still the AirPod (wonder if Apple will sue them over trademark issues) is a cool car.

From HuffPo:

Compared to a standard car, the AirPod emits a fraction of the pollution, can reach up to 50 mph, and will cost around $10,000. Motor Development International hopes that the AirPod will be the future of urban transportation.

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