McCain and Bush separated at birth?

As John McCain does this impossible dance in which he tries to sell to the American public that he is NOT George W. Bush but at the same time he is telling the Republican base that he will support the policies of Bush, I’m just enjoying the contortions. Because the dance isn’t possible. You can do one thing or the other thing and McCain is trying to have it both ways. So, to separate himself from the policies of George Bush, John McCain announced in Texas that he supports off-shore drilling. The crowd went wild. This is a flip-flop from John McCain’s long time opposition to off-shore drilling. Just to prove that he will do anything to stay in John McCain’s good graces, Governor Crist of Florida now supports off-shore drilling. Then to complete the trifecta, George Bush announces something truly surprising. He wants to lift the ban on off-shore drilling and for good measure drill in Alaska. Interestingly, his father imposed the ban by executive order. Junior could lift the ban by executive order but he has chosen not to. I wonder why?