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Why I continue to support Barack Obama?

I was asked by one of my commenters, why I am supporting Barack Obama?  Although I have discussed this several times both on my radio show and here, in this forum.  I thought it was important for me to restate my position.

Approximately 4 years ago, I wrote a book called A Letter to America: Is President Bush Leading Us in the Right Direction?  I discussed many issues and which I thought President Bush and the Republican Party were clearly leading the country away from our roots and away from our best interest.  There are many examples which include, but are not limited to No Child Left Behind, the War in Iraq, our lack of focus in Afghanistan, tax cuts for the rich, tax giveaways for energy companies and using religion as a political weapon.

Therefore, I was looking for candidate who would fix many of the issues that I raised in my book. I’ve been talking to Americans about politics for over four years.  Once you get past the clichés and the rhetoric, most Americans want basically the same things.  We want a job in which they can put in a good day’s work and get paid a reasonable wage.  We want to be able to make their bills at the end of the month.  We would like to be able to have a little after over to save for college.  We would like not to have to worry about health care and possibly getting wiped out by an illness.  We would all like our children to grow up and safe neighborhoods.  We would like our children to go to schools in which the teachers want to teach.  We want the educators to create an environment for our children to learn.  We don’t want to have to worry about drugs, school shootings and sexual or racial harassment in our schools.

It is my opinion that Barack Obama will come closer to delivering the America that we all want.  I have problems with Hillary Clinton and her candidacy.  It seems to me that Bill Clinton is circumventing our Constitution.  He is really getting a third term if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential race.  They have already talked about a co-presidency.  Also, solutions that work yesterday are not necessarily to work today.

Anonymous Liberal, several months ago, announced that he was supporting Barack Obama.  One of his main reasons was the positive press that he seems to get. He pointed out that John Edwards and Hillary Clinton never seemed to get a break from the press.  He thought that some positive press about liberal ideas would help push the country forward.  I agree with this reasoning.

Finally, I believe your position on the war is critically important.  The most important decision that was made in the last 10 years was the decision to go to war.  Anyone who did not do their due diligence does not deserve to be president, in my opinion.  Did you read the National Intelligence Estimate?  The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, at that time, was Senator Bob Graham.  He argued against the war.  Many Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, did not read the national intelligence estimate and did not listen to someone who actually read the report.  No matter what the reason, this is not forgivable.  Following the same logic, I have been unable to find a viable Republican who has seriously oppose the war and wants to bring our troops home… now!

For these reasons and more, I’m a strong supporter of Barack Obama.

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The smears continue

So, just in case the Frost Family smear wasn’t ugly enough for you. Liberals trot out Bethany Wilkerson. She is 2. She had a necessary heart operation. The operation was paid for by the S-Chip program. It is not possible for the Right to mess up this perfect picture is it? Yes!!! Of course they can.

Here’s the rub. If a family makes over $41,000, can they afford health insurance. If so, will they have full coverage? The Republicans say yes. The Heritage Foundation has written a ton of stuff (wonder if they are supported by the insurance lobbyists) on this subject. I say that they are wrong. I see patients everyday that aren’t covered.

More later.

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