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Question:   So, what do you think was the Bush Administration’s best move (you may include anyone in the Executive, Judicial or Legislative branches of our government) to undermine our Constitution?

Okay, I agree that the question was vague but it was vague on purpose.  I appreciate all of the great answers.  Slim gets the award for the most comprehensive answer.  He basically ran down articles for impeachment.  He quoted the constitution and gave the Bush violation.  It is a great comment but he covered the whole Bush administration and didn’t restrict his answer to 2007.  Many mentioned Bush’s general disregard for the law which I completely agree with.  HG has a great comment which is about the President’s National Security Presidential Directive.  I had forgotten about that one.  I’m going to give HG the runner up prize of a $50 gift certificate to

Winner: Commuting I. (Scooter) Libby’s jail sentence.  There were a ton of things to choose from.  I believe this was the single greatest “I can do what I want” moment in the Bush Administration in 2007.  Yes, the signing statements are awful but they have been going on for Bush’s whole presidency.  Tim’s comment was perfect.  Tim will get the $100 gift certificate.

Congratulations to everyone for entering.

I’ll have another contest in the couple of months.  Keep reading Where’s the Outrage?

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