US Open Day 2

My brother called me around 7 yesterday evening. Are you watching the US Open? Nope. Then we started talking about this and that. Suddenly, he switches subjects back to golf and says, “I’m not sure why you aren’t watching the Open, Tiger has birdied 2 in a row.”

Tiger was the story yesterday as he is only one stroke back as the 3rd round starts today.


From AP:

Tiger Woods looked like any other player trying to survive a U.S. Open, head bowed in frustration with each shot that found trouble and kept him farther from the lead.

One hole changed everything.

With his metal spikes on a cement path and a tree over his head, he fired an 8-iron around the branches and over the bunker to 18 feet for a birdie that sent him charging into contention at Torrey Pines on Friday. (more…)

This is a long summary of yesterday’s events –