Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the website works. Yes, we had hearings which were a HUGE waste of time. We had talking heads yak endlessly about the failure of the website. It is now working. Consumer Reports has decided to stick its neck out and place their stamp of approval on the website. Americans are enrolling!! This is huge!

More from Steve:

After advising consumers to steer clear of in October, Consumer Reports health care expert Nancy Metcalf told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Tuesday morning that the federal health care exchange website was improved enough following the Obama administration’s frantic month of repairs that users could confidently use it. […]

“Now we’re saying, ‘it’s time,’” Metcalf said, in particular praising the new window-shopping function, in which users can peruse health plans without registering with the site. The requirement to make an account before viewing options was considered one of the main causes for the site’s initial traffic bottleneck. “It’s terrific, I’ve tried it, it was working yesterday through the busiest times,” Metcalf said.