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Saturday Morning News Roundup

Saturday Morning News Roundup

The contrail of a meteor

From NBCNews:

A meteor flared through the skies over Russia’s Chelyabinsk region early Friday, triggering an atomic bomb-sized shock wave that injured more than a thousand people, blew out windows and caused some Russians to fear the end of the world.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has gone out of his way to prove that my home state, the state in which I grew up, has no clue, no ethics and no brains.

The downfall of Jesse Jackson, Jr and his wife is deeply distressing. About six or eight years ago, I met Jesse Jackson Junior in Chicago. At the time, I was representing the Society of Critical Care Medicine in a commission sponsored by the American Medical Association, which was tasked with figuring out how to end healthcare disparities. The young Congressman spoke to us. He was thoughtful; he was passionate. Healthcare for all. He was talking about a constitutional amendment which would guarantee the right of healthcare for all. I thought this was going a little far, but his passion was infectious. This is so sad. In my opinion, it is different when someone has no future and turns to crime. Somehow, I can justify that in my mind. On the other hand, when somebody has an extremely bright future and is making good money but wants to make the money faster, wants to take shortcuts, that is extremely disheartening. You can read the federal charges here.

The nomination of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense has been held up by Senate Republicans. On one hand, this has been explained as Senate Republicans showing that they can still flex their muscle as the majority party. (Here’s a relatively straightforward explanation.) From my standpoint, it’ll be interesting to see what the Obama administration is willing to give Senate Republicans in order to free up the Chuck Hagel nomination. I know that Senator McCain is still upset that Chuck Hagel didn’t play his little “yes or no” game. One of the reasons that I am not a senator is that I’m not sure I could have shown the necessary restraint. I think I would’ve told John McCain that the answer to his question was no. No, you’re not right. The war was not worth fighting. The number of men and women we lost in Iraq simply wasn’t worth it. The surge didn’t work. The purpose of the surge was to allow Iraqis to figure out how to live in peace. Instead, we allowed the Shiite Muslims to ethnically cleanse neighborhoods of anybody who didn’t worship like them. But, I digress.

When will Congressman learn about twitting young women who aren’t your wife?

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Fighting the awful Citizens United decision

It is unclear whether the Citizens United decision will be one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in the last half-century or not. What is clear is we are living the results of that decision. This group, Citizens United, is spending well over $100,000 in Ohio in order to support a law which strips workers’ collective bargaining rights. They want to defeat a referendum which overturns that law.

Corporations are not people. Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico has introduced a joint Senate resolution to overturn the Citizens United decision with a constitutional amendment. I think that this is a longshot at best, but we need to start somewhere. Maybe the Occupy Wall Street movement can latch onto this constitutional amendment and give it an infusion of energy.

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So, what’s up? Friday morning (updated)

  • Dallas Mavericks are trying hard to blow their best chance to win an NBA championship. They looked tired, slow and disinterested. If they keep playing like this they will be able to watch the Thunder in the championship game.
  • Newt’s implosion is extremely interesting. It is almost as if he has jumped into a large bowl of tar and somehow he didn’t think that it was going to stick to him.
  • Even the lowly Chrysler looks like they have plans to pay our money back.
  • How about a constitutional amendment to over turn the Citizen United decision? Um, I don’t know about that.
  • Patriot Act has been extended in a double secret meeting. Dems and R’s agreed on something… anything. This should be a cause for celebration but something just doesn’t feel right about it.
  • Man walks after being paralyzed from the chest down with the aid of electrical stimulation and a computer. Totally Cool. (for those who want to read the scientific study, you can find it here.)

More on Newt Gingrich’s epic debacle. There is a reason that Newt Gingrich stepped down as Speaker of the House and has never run for another elected public office. This is not an accident. Newt Gingrich has a flair for over-the-top rhetoric. In order to paint himself in the best light, he will use the starkest metaphors to illustrate his point. So, to make himself seem like the biggest and best authority on Medicare, he contrasted himself against Paul Ryan and the Democrats. This was classic Newt Gingrich. Of course, he threw Paul Ryan and all of the other House Republicans off a bridge since he accused them of social engineering. He spent the better part of this week trying to weasel his way out of this epic mistake. In an effort to backtrack without looking weak he blasted those who criticize him and, of course, that included the great grand pooh-baw of everything conservative, Rush Limbaugh. PA has an excellent rundown on Newt’s week. Stephen Colbert took Newt Gingrich’s press release and asked John Lithgow to read it verbatim. This is funny.

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