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Moral Monday

moral monday crowd

I was invited to speak at yesterday’s Mountain Moral Monday. Wow. What a great event. Incredible gathering. Great energy. Great message.

The campaign to elect Martin Ramsey sent me the following:

For Immediate Release:


Aug. 6th, 2013-

Yesterday, an estimated crowd of eight to ten thousand citizens packed downtown Asheville responding to a call to rally in support of Moral Monday and the Forward Together movement. Diverse groups across constituencies such as women’s health advocates, the Campaign for Southern Equality, WNC Labor Council, Save Our Water WNC, and the NAACP came together to issue a resounding condemnation of the policies of the current General Assembly in Raleigh.

Addressing the thousands of attendees, Rev. Dr. William Barber stated, “Instead of depressing us, they’ve made us determined to fight. Instead of dividing us, they have united us. Instead of separating men and women, they’ve brought men and women together. Instead of discouraging young people they’ve put a fire in them and raised up a new generation.”

“We need to be prepared to fight for our future,” stated Martin Ramsey, mayoral candidate for Asheville. “We must continue to struggle in any way we can to keep Raleigh from privatizing our water by stealth, in the courts, on the streets. We must continue to struggle to make sure that working people have access to healthcare and education. To create work that empowers and builds a community that we want to and are proud to pass on. We’ve got to chart a way forward that rejects the agenda of right-wing politicians, corporate magnates, and creates a humane city in its wake. The stewardship of what we hold dear is at stake.”

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Romney’s Gaffe Tour


I agree with David Kurtz at TPM:

First and most important, talking up the innate superiority of the Israelis over the Palestinians isn’t, by any definition, a gaffe. That’s real, with real geopolitical consequences. He didn’t misspeak (and I’m not sure one can “misspeak” about such things anyway), and his initial claim to have been misinterpreted has been trumped by his decision to reiterate all the same points to the conservative audience at National Review.

Second, it’s hard to imagine Romney’s gaffes, missteps, and flat-out egregious mistakes happening if he had a different, i.e., solid, foreign policy team advising him. (Ignore the silly, DC-centric focus on whether his press team mismanaged the ensuing uproar.) Romney has no core foreign policy team. It’s also a team without a core. No surprise since it serves mostly to check the box of various conservative foreign policy constituencies. David Rothkopf can and does explain this part of it a lot better than I. Go read him.

The easy flourish to conclude with here would be drawing a heavy black line from Mitt’s team not having a core to Mitt himself not having a core. Maybe that’s true. But Romney is not the first presidential nominee to wind up saddled with an advisory team that is designed for political reasons to reflect the various constituent parts of his party instead of designed to get the real, difficult work done in service of the nominee. So you don’t have to reach the ultimate conclusion about Mitt’s own core — unless and until he fails to fix his team.

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Failure in Massachusetts

I can’t figure out what is happening with the Democratic party at times. It is so frustrating. We have this belief that if we work hard for a year or so we can sit back and just watch the fruits of our labors. Wrong!! Where is Howard Dean? He understood that we had to contest the Republicans, everywhere, all the time.

From TP:

An exit survey of Massachusetts voters confirms that “decreased turnout among constituencies that historically have voted for progressive candidates,” combined with a strong Republican performance among independents, delivered Scott Brown the margins he needed to win.

The poll, which was commissioned by “Women’s Voices, Women Vote” and conducted by Lake Research Partners (a firm headed by Martha Coakley’s pollster Celinda Lake), found that key demographic supporters of Obama (unmarried women, people of color, and younger voters) did not turn out in large numbers for Democrats. The Massachusetts turnout reflects recent trends in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections.

Martha Coakley reportedly did “no outreach” to communities of color and neglected to do any advertising in the African-American or Hispanic media. Voters under age of 40 went to Brown by a margin of 52% to 46%. But younger voters in general turned out at lower rates than in the past. The percentage of unmarried women who comprised the percentage of all voters fell 5 points from 2008. And, self-identified independents flocked to Brown in droves — 76% to 21%.

(Let me interrupt this post and add that the Democrats suck for losing a seat that was “losible”[if that is a word]. Jon Stewart said it better than I –

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