The Craziness of Donald Trump

I was on call last night and somewhat busy. Because of a boatload paperwork in my office, I did not get an afternoon nap, so I have been up for more than 24 hours. I hope I can make some sense. If my post is completely thoughtless, let me know, I’ll fix it when I get up this afternoon.

About a year ago, I picked up the game of golf. My wife and I have been taking lessons. We play and practice together often. Because I’ve taken up golf, I have discovered the Golf Channel. Never really looked at the Golf Channel before. I guess I had no reason to. There is now a show on the Golf Channel that really is dedicated to the “greatness” of Donald Trump. The show revolves around Donald Trump opening new golf courses in Florida and Pennsylvania and somewhere in Scotland. Now, I am not a Donald Trump fan. I think that he is an egotistical knucklehead. He will do whatever is necessary to seek the limelight which is probably why he is now dabbling in politics.

Trump may be a disciplined investor, but he doesn’t seem to be all that disciplined with what comes out of his mouth. Just last month, he informed the conservatives at the CPAC convention that Rand Paul was not electable. While that may be true, I’m not sure it’s the best strategy to use in a room full of young Republicans who were drifting to Doctor Paul’s message of libertarianism.

Ever the publicity hound, Donald Trump, yesterday, released his birth certificate. Or, well, it sort of looks like a birth certificate. He released it to the conservative news outlet Newsmax. Unfortunately, that was not Donald Trump’s “official” birth certificate. Several news outlets have contacted the Trump empire and have yet to get a decent response. I find this whole incident amusing. Donald Trump’s purpose for releasing his “official” birth certificate was to try to whip up some support from the birthers. It didn’t work. Like much of Donald Trump and his persona, he tries too hard to make a splash. Unless Donald Trump can turn himself into George W. Bush, he is not a viable candidate. He flies off the handle too much and too often. He’s also ridiculously rich and flaunts it. It’s okay to be rich, but Americans don’t want you to flaunt it; at least they don’t want their president to flaunt his own personal wealth.