Obama's Verbal Jujitsu

The brilliance of Senator Barack Obama should be coming obvious to everyone who want to see it. Those that don’t, will never see it. One of truly crafty things that Obama does on “Meet the Press” is turn a negative question into a positive one. Answering a negative question puts you on the defensive, making a person look weak.

Tom Brokaw poses such a negative question when he asks Barack Obama to comment on something that David Brooks said. The wind up to the question was very long. Obama addresses it by mentioning that there were plenty of positive reviews of his speech (including mine). This was great. He is turning the negative into a positive. Then, he points out that conservative columnists are not usually in his corner. Finally, he shows that David Brooks was wrong. In addition, he point out harsh realities in the world and criticized Europe, asking them to step up.

Obama did a masterful job of turning a negative into a positive. It’s verbal Jujitsu. If you weren’t paying attention, you might have simply missed it.