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Why Trayvon Matters

There are folks in our society who are scratching their heads and asking themselves, “Whats’ the big deal? Why are we seeing this huge uproar over Trayvon Martin?” These folks do have sympathy for Trayvon and his family, but they just don’t understand. Trayvon was about what happened in Sanford, Florida when a young, unarmed Black man was shot by another young man who was part of some sort of neighborhood watch program. Now, it has changed into more than simply the facts of this case. It is about the Black/minority community in America. Many Americans feel like America isn’t about

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Treating Americans as nothing more than piles of money has consequences

Americans can take abuse. You can push us around and you can talk badly about us… for a while. Wall Street darling Netflix was raking in money hand over fist. Who would’ve thought that sending DVDs through the mail could be really, really profitable? Well, the guys at Netflix figured this out. They were on Easy Street. They’d figured out a model for delivering movie content to Americans through multiple different ways – DVDs through the mail, direct download to your TV or direct download to your computer. They had an extremely sweet set-up. Then, during the middle of a recession,

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To worrywarts, wing-nuts, true conservatives and others who are wringing their hands:

Last night at about four in the morning I had a “surge” (pun intended) of activity on my blog. Hundreds of people found my blog out of nowhere. I’m always happy for the traffic. About 20 or so people left comments on this post. All the comments were warning us real Americans of the dire consequences of a Barack Obama administration. This post will do nothing to calm your fears because nothing I can say can make irrational thought rational. Barack Obama will not take away your guns. Neither Barack Obama nor the Democratic Party have any desire to round up every gun in the

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