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Rick Perry, you gotta love him or NOT

Rick Perry. What can I say. He has had a busy week. From PA: As Texas Gov. Rick Perry wraps up his first week as a Republican presidential candidate, he’s apparently not inclined to back off some of his nuttier comments. Here he is today on biological science: Rick Perry continued to voice skepticism about evolution during a campaign stop in South Carolina Friday, telling a supporter “God is how we got here.” […] When a woman in South Carolina congratulated him for his remarks Friday, Perry replied “Well, God is how we got here. God may have done it in the

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Friday Morning News Roundup (plus Class Warfare from the Daily show)

Whether you think stocks are overvalued or not, the last several weeks have been downright ugly on Wall Street. Yesterday, Wall Street lost over 400 points. This morning, stocks opened sharply lower in Europe. Personally, I think we need to expect more volatility and a general downward trend on Wall Street until Washington and Europe decide that austerity is not going to get it done. We need to spend money to get out of this disaster. We need to put people to work. Inflation indicators are ticking up. But, with gasoline prices falling, inflation should stand check with the rest of the

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Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

It seems that everybody on the planet is following the Casey Anthony trial. I actually had to do a Google search in order to figure out who Casey Anthony was. I think it’s far more interesting to follow the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the former head of the IMF. He’s been accused of the rape of a hotel maid. I thought the case was locked tight when his DNA was found on the maid’s clothing. But no! The prosecution’s case has begun to crumble. The maid was taped during a call with her boyfriend saying, “Don’t worry, this guy

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