Huge boost of Supers Pushed Obama over the top

As predicted, Barack Obama had a flood of SuperDelegates to his side on Tuesday.


From TPM Election Central:

Obama’s haul of super-delegates is turning out out to be very heavy today — and that’s before any actual votes are counted from tonight’s primaries, increasing the likelihood that he will clinch the nomination imminently soon.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who had dropped hints for quite a while that he was for Obama, and officially confirmed the news with the Associated Press.

South Carolina Congressman John Spratt.

DNC member Ralph Dawson, from Hillary Clinton’s home state of New York.

Massachusetts DNC member Deb Kozikowski.

Massachusetts Congressman John Olver.

DNC member Joyce Beatty of Ohio.

DNC member Jennifer Dechant of Maine.

DNC member Maria Chappelle-Nadal of Missouri.

State party vice chair Carnelia Fondren of Mississippi.

DNC member John Perez of California.

Six Michigan super-dels, who each count as half a vote: Detroit Mayor and DNC member Kwame Kilpatrick, Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, and DNC members Debbie Dingell, Rick Wiener and Joyce Lalonde, and state party vice chair Tina Abbott. (more…)