The Errington Thompson Show 8-8-09

This is a barrel of fun and information.  Enjoy!

There’s been a lot of craziness in the news this week and I can think of nobody better to unravel the craziness than Bill Scher from Liberal Oasis and Campaign for America’s Future. Bill is correct to point out we could have no better adversary. We can either have somebody intelligently discussing the conservative approach to health care reform or these angry mobs screaming at our congressmen. Once the press began to focus on the mobs Liberals clearly appeared to be rational and thoughtful. Also, the press suggested, at the beginning of the week that these mobs were speaking for middle America. By the end of the week, it was clear that they were speaking for the far right.

Let’s slow down. Bill points out that this is a disingenuous argument by the right wing. He points out that nobody from that Right is saying slow down. I have a really good idea.

By the end of a week, Sonia Sotomayor joins the Supreme Court as the 111th Supreme Court justice in the history of the United States. Barack Obama gets Cash for Clunkers through Congress. President Bill Clinton goes to Pyongyang and brings back the two journalists that were imprisoned from Current TV. It’s an excellent example of how conservatives will never except that Democrats can do anything well. There is no quid pro quo. Bill Scher is great as usual.

I speak with Heidi Shierholz from the Economic Policy Institute.  We discussed the “better” economic numbers. It’s hard to celebrate the loss of 247,000 jobs but that’s a lot less than over 700,000 jobs that we saw earlier in the year.  It is not time to do a happy dance but if you were on the ledge getting ready to jump, you can come back inside.