Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses


I love my country. There is no place that I would rather be than the US. This love causes me to be very critical of the country that I love. This brings me to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. We know that this guy has been tortured by the US and our allies. This we know. We also know that Bin Laden is probably the only target that is of higher value. We tortured this guy until he either became a babbling idiot or told us what we wanted to hear. The fact that he confessed means nothing. Secondly, Al Qaeda is proud of what they did. So, confessing is again no big deal. This is a sad day for America. A sad day for justice.

Now, for those of you who think that I love the terrorists, you’re wrong. Don’t even bother to post a comment with that noise. I’m all for chasing down terrorists. If they resist arrest then shoot them. One shot right between the eyes. Bang! If we do arrest them then they should be treated (as should anyone in US custody) with dignity and respect. This is the moral high ground and I refuse to give it up. These jihadists are not going to force me to act like them.

Video on waterboarding is here.

Update: Video added.



Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, admitted to those attacks and numerous others during a U.S. military hearing on Saturday, according to an edited transcript of the hearing released by the Pentagon Wednesday.

In a statement from him, read by a U.S. military representative, he said, “I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z.”

The transcript continues with the list of operations he was responsible for, including the Richard Reid shoe bomber attempt to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic Ocean, the Bali nightclub bombing in Indonesia, the 1993 World Trade Center attack and other attacks that were foiled. (more…)