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Wednesday Afternoon News Roundup

John Brennan, President Obama’s terrorism advisor, said something really stupid about no collateral damage from predator drones. For some reason, Glenn Greenwald has taken him seriously. Anything that includes man has to include some amount of error. We are not perfect. I don’t care how diligent we are at looking at photos and reviewing intelligence. We can still make errors. Just today, as I was walking out of the Biltmore estate a very nice gentleman offered my condolences since “my wife fell.” Nope, my wife did not fall. (I was actually walking with my mother, but no biggie). We make mistakes

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Golf pioneer great dies

Today, we take a lot of things for granted. Back in the 1970s it was unusual to have more than one TV in the house. Most people only had one car. My father, a family practitioner, took off every Wednesday. For a time, he played golf on his day off. The simple game of golf itself has reflected the great change that we’ve undergone in the last 30 years. The clubs are lighter and more flexible. The balls are more compact; therefore, they can be hit harder and go farther. It is taken for granted that Tiger Woods can play anywhere

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What's Going On – Election Eve

Monday Evening News Round-up I am not clairvoyant, nor can I see into the future. All I can tell you is that Barack Obama has run a phenomenal campaign. It is my opinion that history will show that he is by far the best person for this job at this point in time. As I mentioned earlier, Barack Obama’s grandmother has died. My condolences to him and to his family. I believe that voting is extremely important in this election cycle. For those of you in states that don’t have early voting and the rest of you who decided to wait

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