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Moral Monday

moral monday crowd

I was invited to speak at yesterday’s Mountain Moral Monday. Wow. What a great event. Incredible gathering. Great energy. Great message.

The campaign to elect Martin Ramsey sent me the following:

For Immediate Release:


Aug. 6th, 2013-

Yesterday, an estimated crowd of eight to ten thousand citizens packed downtown Asheville responding to a call to rally in support of Moral Monday and the Forward Together movement. Diverse groups across constituencies such as women’s health advocates, the Campaign for Southern Equality, WNC Labor Council, Save Our Water WNC, and the NAACP came together to issue a resounding condemnation of the policies of the current General Assembly in Raleigh.

Addressing the thousands of attendees, Rev. Dr. William Barber stated, “Instead of depressing us, they’ve made us determined to fight. Instead of dividing us, they have united us. Instead of separating men and women, they’ve brought men and women together. Instead of discouraging young people they’ve put a fire in them and raised up a new generation.”

“We need to be prepared to fight for our future,” stated Martin Ramsey, mayoral candidate for Asheville. “We must continue to struggle in any way we can to keep Raleigh from privatizing our water by stealth, in the courts, on the streets. We must continue to struggle to make sure that working people have access to healthcare and education. To create work that empowers and builds a community that we want to and are proud to pass on. We’ve got to chart a way forward that rejects the agenda of right-wing politicians, corporate magnates, and creates a humane city in its wake. The stewardship of what we hold dear is at stake.”

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Sarah Palin's church burned

from Anchorage Daily News

Over the weekend there was a fire in Governor Sarah Palin’s old church in Wasilla, Alaska. It appears that, though there were no injuries, there is over $1 million worth of damage.

Preliminary reports appear to suggest that an arsonist set the fire. If this possible arson is an attempt to collect insurance, well, obviously, that’s just wrong. If this fire was set by some political crazy, then that falls into a category of it’s own… of confused, mindless, lawless stupidity. The strength of my condemnation of this behavior cannot be reflected in public conversation.

Now, I don’t agree with Sarah Palin on almost anything but America is supposed to be a country where we can exchange ideas. We can passionately argue warrantless wiretapping and endless detention in Guantánamo. These topics should be debated. At the end of the debate, however, we have to be able to respect each other’s property, religion and individuality. In my opinion, that is what makes America different from other countries.

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