What's Going On – News Round Up

  • Surprisingly, FEMA is getting good grades from midwest flood victims then again midwesterners are really nice people. Good for FEMA, finally.
  • What? McCain doesn’t know how to use a computer? Heck, my 4 yo grandson tells me to go to Disney.com and then I need to let go of the mouse. My 72 yo father who died several years ago, could send those racy internet jokes and could type of letter in Word. McCain is running for President and can’t use a computer. Now, who is elitist? I’m guessin’ that Senator McCain has someone do his computer work for him.
  • Nice article on how doctors know a ton of stuff but we still have a lot to learn with Cardiology in specific and Medicine in general.
  • Jerry Seinfeld wrote an Op-Ed about George Carlin. “We were talking about Tim Russert and Bo Diddley and George said: ‘I feel safe for a while. There will probably be a break before they come after the next one. I always like to fly on an airline right after they’ve had a crash. It improves your odds.’
  • Violence in Iraq. (more…)