The Errington Thompson Show 3/3/07

We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of our show. What should we do?

Finally, I get my computer to work like I want. I’m able to play audio clips. We start off with Things that make you go…mmmm.

Bush’s approval ratings have fallen to the lowest that I have ever seen. Even his strong hold on die hard Republicans is slippin’.

Walter Reed story keeps revealing more and more problems. Dana Priest of the Washington Post should get a cheer from the American people. Where is the Republican outrage? The question is who is really supporting the troops.

I welcome Aviva Aron Dine from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities to the show. President Bush’s number one priority is clearly extending the tax cuts. Great discussion.

After the break, I chat with Douglas Johnston, PhD from the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy. We discuss how we would be a lot farther and better off in the Middle East if we understood religion. (If you get a chance please read this guy’s CV. He is very impressive. I’m very pleased that he has agreed to be on my show.)

Last segment of the show seems to have been eaten by the computer gremlins. Sorry.

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