What's Going On: News Round Up

I’m going to try to do a daily report of the major items, but I have this day job that might prevent me from doing this regularly.

  • In case you missed it, all of those high-tech computer geeks who were laughing at those video game programmers, aren’t laughing any more. Grand Theft Auto IV raked in $500 million in sales in its first week.
  • Is China that different than Myanmar, where some aid has been reportedly stolen? Is China letting in international aid workers? It appears that the weather is better. Helicopters and soldiers have finally reached the epicenter of the worst earthquake to hit China in over 30 years. Tens of thousands are thought to be dead.
  • I wrote about Senator Hillary Clinton’s big mistakes in this primary season. Time Magazine lists their top five. It is nice to know that our lists are similar.
  • I know what Michelle Obama meant when she said that she was finally proud of her country. There is a lot to be depressed about for those who open their eyes and see America. There’s a new series of articles by Dana Priest (who I really admire) and Amy Goldstein on the consequences of the economic refugee crackdown. This series is really heartbreaking.
  • Polls show that seven in 10 Americans are worried about maintaining their standard of living.
  • The House is looking into phone jamming in New Hampshire. The House isn’t looking into anything that happened in 2008 ,or even 2006. They are looking into that incident that happened in 2002 where over 800 hang-up calls clogged the New Hampshire Democratic Headquarters and killed their effort to get out the vote.
  • Roger Wicker left the House when he was appointed to fill Trent Lott’s seat in the Senate. This created an open seat in the House. Travis Childers (D) and Greg Davis (R) fought over this Mississippi seat. Last night Childers won. The Republicans threw everything into this race. Even Dick Cheney came out of the bunker to campaign for Davis. Mike Huckabee and Governor Haley Barbour campaigned for Davis. And President Bush even recorded a telephone message for robo-calling. All for nothing.