Clear Communication In A Complex World

I recently listened to a song called Mamavtu by a singer named Susheela Raman. Here are some of the lyrics:


you who reside in the temple of Kamakoti

rescue me

bearing lotus and veena

in your beautiful hands

you give truth to speech

your feet are worshipped by Emperors and kings

your eyes are as wild as Rajiva flowers

and your beauty bewitches.

Garlanded with gems

you fulfill the desires of the good

Indra himself bows down before you

I, Vasudeva, am your servant

for you are the divine word in its essence.

I like these lyrics for two reasons. The first reason is that they are clear and direct. I admire the ability to communicate in a clear and direct fashion in a complex world. This kind of communication is something we all have the ability to do with the application of some discipline and thought.